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Deep Sleep Deluxe Box


Product Description

A stunning box to help you create a soothing bed time ritual and create a cosy atmosphere to help you sleep. Take off the day with the gorgeous Magic Apothecary Cleansing balm and relax in a luxurious bath by candlelight. Micheline Arcier -Lavender Aromatherapie Bath Oil - This lavender is sourced from the high regions of southern France, considered by many to be the finest available, giving it a particularly refreshing and uplifting quality. This is a “must have” standby for any occasion and should be part of everyones’ bathtime collection. Rebalance your inner-being: soothes and uplifts - especially when you are feeling run down. RRP £45 Wildheart Organics -Tranquil Therapy Candle - The Tranquil relaxing blend is the ultimate relaxing and sleep inducing therapy candle, let this blend calm the senses and allow yourself to drift to sleep easily. The 12 essential oils are selected to calm the soul. 100% natural, non toxic with only pure essential oils. The heart is lavender and neroli orange blossom. Sandalwood, clary sage and chamomile add to the calming and sleep inducing properties. The travel therapy candle is perfect for hotel rooms, home offices and smaller spaces, the candle is 90 grams, provides 18 hours of pure aromatherapy benefits. £15 MOA - Daily Cleansing Ritual Hot Cloth Cleansing Kit-nside each Daily Cleansing Ritual you'll find a super-soft bamboo face cloth and a 50ml pot of The Green Balm. Hot cloth cleansing won't strip the skin of its natural oils, which can cause break outs, it balances and nourishes the skin. Give your skin a balancing deep cleanse, remove excess oils and impurities Ideal for oily, acne skin as well as dry and sensitive skin types. The Green Balm is safe to use around the eyes and removes caked-on eye makeup, this simple daily skin treatment leaves the skin balanced and glowing...RRP £22 This box has products worth £82.00.

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