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A box curated with soothing products to help relax your mind and body, to switch off and create peace and calm to enable a great nights sleep. Dark nights are here and its time to create cosy nights in at home . This months box is full of products that will help you create your very own Sleep Retreat and help you unwind and ease you into a well deserved nights sleep. ILA SPA Inner Peace Bath Salts   These deeply nourishing bath salts will allow you to let your troubles float away as your body soaks up the salts rich healing minerals.  Magic properties of Himalayan salt crystals rich in ionic minerals and trace minerals for easy absorption  Sandalwood is meditative and soothes the nervous system. Jasmine is deeply relaxing yet uplifting to the whole system. Simply pour one to two tablespoons into a hot bath and relax and soak to give your body time to absorb the rich minerals and healing elements. RRP £20.00 EZAPE NATURALS Ylang Ylang Lavender Body Oil This body oil contains many fatty acids like oleic, linoleic and palmitoleic. It also contains many vitamins and minerals. These ingredients combined make the oil very moisturising, regenerating and assist in wound healing. They also help to restore the skin’s barrier function, reducing water loss.For best results use after bathing on damp skin to help lock in. Relax with the soothing scent and prepare to wind down. RRP £13.00 LUNAR & LUX Mama Moon Botanical Candle Created with a deeply calming, soul soothing and sensual blend of essential oils. Perfect to burn in the evening to ease your mind and body before you go to bed. The most relaxing pure essential oils in this candle - Lavenderand Chamomile which are renowned for sending you off into the deepest of slumbers, with added rose quartz crystal. These crystals have been charged and cleansed under the full moon with sage to get the most out of their natural energies. Hand poured with soy wax and a wood wick, which delightfully crackles as it burns. Always take the dried botanics off the top of the candle before lighting! RRP £8.99 HAOMA Handmade Lavender Soap Handmade Soap using the cold processing method, made with a blend of premium certified organic oils including Olive, Hemp, Cacao, Coconut. The ‘Superfatting’ technique is used to create a luxurious and moisturising soap. Enhanced with delightful aromas of pure certified organic essential oils. The soaps are cured for a minimum of 6 weeks to give you the richest of lather and intense moisturisation. You will love using them in bath, for your hands and as a facial cleaner. RRP £8.00 NISKAMA Dry Skin Relief Body Balm This multifunctional body bar based on deeply nourishing cocoa and shea butter replenishes your skin. Combined with exotically scented aphrodisiac ylang ylang essential oil and calming lavender oil will leave your skin soft, moisturised and smooth. Because the BODY BUTTER MELT is made from 100% plant butters and oil and is undiluted it will greatly moisturize any rough, dry areas of the body, including hands, legs, elbows, chapped lips or even skin on the face if extra dry or in the winter time.The high concentration of antioxidant vitamin E protects the skin from free radical damage. RRP £6.50

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